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Are you registered with The Painters Registration Board?
Yes. Our Supervisor, Mr Grant Johnson, is an experienced registered painter. He has worked for Permacoat for over 20 years and has extensive experience in Roof Restorations and Coatings. Any work valued at over $200 must be carried out by a Registered Painter: this is your safe-guard. Back To Top
What kind of sealer do you use?
Permacoat uses the highest quality solvent long oil binder sealer as recommended by the AS/NZ Standards. Back To Top
What type of coating do you use?
Permacoat is an exclusive latex acrylic membrane resin, which is manufactured in Australia to Australian Accreditation Standards. Back To Top
Can I get other quotes?
Yes. But you cannot get another quote on Permacoat as our coating is made exclusively for Permacoat. Back To Top
Is Permacoat expensive?
The cost is dependent on both the size and condition of your roof. Permacoat uses the highest quality products and remains very competitively priced. We are dedicated to delivering customers real value for money by offering superior products at affordable prices. Because most of our work is obtained by referral from satisfied customers, Permacoat does not have the high advertising costs of some of our competitors and we can therefore pass these savings on to our customers. Back To Top
What is the best guarantee?
The test of time. Permacoat can show you roofs completed over 20 years ago. We believe Permacoat has the best guarantee because the product itself has stood the test of time. Many companies give a measley five or six year guarantee. Any good paint will last that long. Permacoat has a 20 year guarantee. Back To Top
How long will it last?
Permacoat is the only firm that can show you jobs that have been done over 20 years ago. Back To Top
Other companies say their guarantee is just the same as Permacoat’s?
True. Some firms do have a similar guarantee, some are even word perfect. Although a guarantee is only as good as the firm behind it. In the last 3 years 121 firms have ceased to exist, a lot of firms only seem to stay in business 12 to 18 months. Back To Top
How long has Permacoat been in business?
Phil Johnson, Permacoat’s founder, has been involved in the roof restoration industry for over 40 years. As a family-owned Western Australian business, members of the Johnson family remain actively involved with the company today. Grant Johnson, the son of the company’s founder, is involved in managing the business and is our registered Painters’ Supervisor. Back To Top
Why is there such a price difference between various roof coating companies?
Most companies will tell you they use the same coating as Permacoat. This is incorrect. No one can quote you on Permacoat, only Permacoat. It takes the same amount of time to spray a cheap coating as it does to spray Permacoat. Back To Top
Do you have a Quality Control System?
We have separate teams of workers and both these teams quality check each job. One team carries out the preparation process whilst another team is responsible for the coating application. The reasoning behind this is:
  1. Preparation, as with all paint or coating work, is extremely important. It provides the ideal surface for the adhering of the coating.
  2. The Spray Team is responsible for checking the preparation work in the case of perhaps a broken tile being overlooked or some such.
As there is no advantage/disadvantage to be had by the sprayer in carrying out this check we have found this safe guard ensures all work is carried out according to our high standards. Our Supervisor, Mr Grant Johnson, as the Registered Supervisor for Permacoat, is uniquely capable to carry out spots checks on all the workers. Back To Top
What colour can I have?
Any colour you like. You do not have to retain your current roof colour. Permacoat provides a choice of over 30 individual colours. This is made up of 12 Permacoat unique colours and the range of Colorbond colours. Permacoat specialises in a unique two-tone effect that mimics the current modern tonings. Back To Top
What kind’s of payment options are available to me?
As we are confident you will be pleased, the company does not take deposits. Payment is normally due on completion and satisfaction, though special payment arrangements may be agreed with management. Most major credit cards are accepted and these payments may be made by telephone. Back To Top
Can I have an obligation free quotation?
Yes. Our estimators work Monday to Saturday and are willing to see you at a time convenient to yourself.
Must I be at home when you come to inspect my roof?
Our estimator usually has to get up on your roof, so with neighbour hood watch, we do prefer either you or your partner be home. Obviously, this also allows our estimator to run through the benefits of Permacoat directly. He or she will leave a quotation and all the relevant Company information for you and your partner to go through at your leisure. Back To Top
Are your estimators ‘high-pressure’ sales people?
No. Most of our estimators have previously worked on the roofs. This is why they really know about your roof problem. They will leave the quotation with you and also provide a list of addresses in order to view some of colour range and quality of work. Back To Top
Does my roof need coating or can you just do repair work?
The colour coating is merely aesthetic but really makes your roof look brand new. The repair or maintenance work is what protects your roof. The changing of broken tiles and the re-pointing of capping where cement has fallen out etc. is necessary for all roofs whether they are being coated or not. Back To Top
Does Permacoat quote on work South of the River?
Yes. The office is centrally situated in Malaga. With the new parameter freeways and highways we service all metropolitan areas with ease, from Pinjarra to Northam to Two Rocks. Back To Top

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