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A tile roofing system can stand the test of time, and usually outlasts the very building itself. This doesn’t mean, however, that concrete tiles are unbreakable. They’re not going to last forever, and when your roofing system reaches the peak of its decline, you need to leave the job in the hands of professionals to restore the structural integrity and beauty of the roof above your head.

Permacoat has got your back when your old-reliable concrete tile roofing meets the end of its lifespan. We’re the premier provider of tile roof restoration in Perth, covering your strict requirements with excellence.


We have a wealth of experience under our belt, ensuring you we can put a permanent fix in your roofing problems no matter how demanding they may be. Our team knows what it takes to expertly install tile roofs to make sure you won’t see signs of deterioration prematurely—a common issue due to poor installation—and make sure your system serves you for the next couple of decades uncompromised.


What makes us stand out from other roofing companies is our commitment to use premium materials while keeping our rates highly competitive. The cost of your tile roof restoration in Perth depends on the size of the job, but our pricing is practically unbeatable by any of our competitors.

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