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The cost of roof restorations, repairs and maintenance varies according to the characteristics and condition of your roof. These variables include:

  • Roof Height (single story or a double story)
  • Roof Pitch (higher the pitch requires safety control measures)
  • Roof Area and Shape
  • Condition of Tiles
  • Condition of Gutters, Flashing’s and Valley Irons

roof restoration cost can vary greatly between different companies. It is important to know the process involved in roof restorations and what each company has quoted for. You need to assess all the variables in terms of quality, products and warranty, not just the price. With Permacoat, you will have peace of mind that not only will we provide you with a competitive quote, but we can back this value for money offer with a 20 year warranty and the best products and workmanship. We are a trustworthy and reputable company who will be around long after your warranty period has expired.

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