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We have over 50 years’ experience in Perth roofing repairs and maintenance, having repaired and restored over 25,000 roofs in WA. Our proven expertise allows us to provide the perfect solution for your problems, and to deliver excellent service right from the beginning.

At Permacoat, we employ many of the top specialists in roof repairs in Perth, WA. Our team is passionate about doing everything necessary to restore the beauty and structural integrity of the roof above your head. Each of our experts is highly adept at practically any type of roofing issues and delivers superior workmanship to complete your project with safety and excellence.

We have over 50 years experience in Perth roof repairs and maintenance, having repaired and restored over 25,000 roofs in WA.

Regularly maintaining your roof can save you $$$ and reduce the risk of electrical or ceiling staining issues. Our comprehensive Roof Maintenance Programs are tailored to each individual home. These annual programs ensure your roof is fully prepared for any adverse weather. Apart from reinforcing your best protection against environmental elements, our exceptional work is the key to boost the resale value of your property practically overnight.

Permacoat has several long-term roof maintenance contracts with commercial customers, demonstrating our commitment to quality and ongoing customer satisfaction. We have established job safety systems and procedures to support our commercial customers.

Permacoat also offers emergency service to repair Perth roof damage.

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