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Common Roof Issues
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Common Roof Issues

The roof of a house is vulnerable to a range of different problems. Roofs should be regularly maintained, but some homeowners neglect to spend money on repairs in favour of other parts of the house. However, neglecting roof problems can have a lasting impact on the house. These problems need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

This is a guide to the most common roofing problems and how they can be solved.

Poor Workmanship

Poor workmanship can result in a poorly installed roof which is structurally unsound. This can lead to extensive damage to the house and can be a financial burden to correct. Permacoat offers a range of solutions for damaged roofs and carry out work in a timely and efficient manner.

Loose Tiles

The grouting of roof tiles can become loose and cause tiles to become displaced or fall off. Displaced tiles can allow rainwater through the roof, which may damage the attic and seep down into the rest of the house. Rainwater can cause wooden beams to rot due to mildew and mould. The water can also interfere with the house’s electrical wiring and cause power failure. Loose or damaged tiles need to be replaced and freshly grouted to seal up any gaps where rainwater has been leaking in.

Falling tiles can injure people below so the roof should be regularly checked for damage by a professional roof maintenance company. Don’t attempt to climb onto to the roof to inspect damage — use a pair of binoculars to identify any damage which needs to be fixed.

Heat Loss

Most heat loss occurs through the roof of a house. To prevent heat loss, proper insulation needs to be installed in the attic and the wall cavities. This will make the house more energy-efficient, and will help to reduce household bills. Some households may be able to get local government assistance to help cover the cost of installing cavity insulation. Make sure to research online whether this assistance can be claimed, as the rules vary from state to state.

Overflowing Gutters

Gutters can become blocked or damaged, which can cause water to leak into the house. Make sure that gutters are regularly swept of leaves and are checked for cracks. Well-maintained gutters will prevent excess rainwater from leaking through the roof and into the house.

Warped Tiles

Hot weather can cause tiles to warp and blister. Warped tiles can let heat escape and can let water enter through the roof. If tiles are warped or misshapen they need to be replaced with new ones. This will help to keep the roof in uniform shape and will prevent any possible damage to the house.

Follow this guide in order to prevent roofing problems from having a lasting impact on the house.

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