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Five Reasons To Have a Home Inspection Before Buying a Property
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Five Reasons To Have a Home Inspection Before Buying a Property

Buying a home is an incredibly exciting endeavour, but it can also be extremely stressful for a multitude of reasons. Find a property in the perfect area that suits your needs is difficult enough, but it’s also easy to mistakenly buy a home that has all sorts of problems. Your roof is integral to the structural integrity and wellbeing of your home, and that means making sure it’s in top condition should be your main priority before going ahead with a purchase.

Here at Permacoat, we have the required skills and experience to carry out roof repairs to the highest industry standards. Whether it’s just a bit of roof maintenance or a large scale roof restoration, we’re at your service to ensure your new home will provide the perfect habitat. Below, this article will explore five reasons why you should make sure you have your property of interest inspected.

Buying a Reliable Home

Without the required skills, it can be difficult to tell whether a home is dependable or not. You should only trust the professionals for home and roof inspections if you want to feel confident in its condition. Here are five reasons as to why home inspections are a must:

  • Even new constructions can have problems — It’s not easy to build a home given the fact that many different groups of subcontractors are involved in the construction process. Because it’s so difficult for builders to ensure every part of the construct is done correctly, you should get new homes inspected. Common problems include broken roof trusses, raised roof shingles and algae growth.
  • Home inspections are more thorough than municipal building inspections — Municipal building inspectors are only required to ensure a property meets the minimum building standards, so it’s always beneficial to have a home inspector carry out a thorough inspection before moving in.
  • You have the opportunity to fix problems before moving in — If you spot problems with a home but still want to make a purchase, you might be able to lower the asking price and resolve issues before making it your own. After all, you want to simply relax without problems arising after the purchasing process is over.
  • You can prevent small problems from spiralling out of control — Raised roof shingles need to be addressed immediately if you don’t want the issue to lead to rotted roof sheathing or water damage. Our roof repair professionals will restore your roof to a fantastic condition.
  • You want your new home to retain its value — People relocate all the time for all sorts of different reasons. When the time comes to relocate yourself, you want to make sure you get a good offer for your home.

We’ll Make Sure Your Roof is as Good as New

At Permacoat, we have the required skills to ensure your roof is in top-notch condition, and you can place trust in the work we do because we’ve already helped thousands of homeowners. If you want to make sure your roof is dependable and doing its job, contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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