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Should You Get Your Roof Repaired Before You Sell?
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Should You Get Your Roof Repaired Before You Sell?

Your roof not only keeps your house warm and dry, it’s also an important part of your home’s exterior, and a neglected roof will create a bad first impression when visitors see it. If you are trying to sell your home and aren’t having much luck, then a new roof might be the answer. While it might seem counter intuitive to replace the roof on a property you are trying to sell, there are many advantages to doing repairs before you put your house on the market, and here are a few reasons why it’s worth doing.

Great First Impression

When people come to view your home, those first few seconds when they pull up into your drive will often help them make up their mind. If your home looks neglected and like it needs a lot of work, then they may immediately think that it’s overpriced. The cost of roof restoration is often a fraction of the overall selling price, and so if improving the exterior helps you land a better sale price, then it can be worth the investment.


Once someone has fallen in love with your home and wants to make an offer, the back and forth with the seller will begin. If you’ve recently had a total roof restoration, then this is a great negotiating point, as buyers will know they won’t have to worry about roof problems for many years. However, if your roof is getting old, they may use that as a way to try and pay a lower price, as they simply don’t know when the roof will need to be done.

Property Inspections

There are many reasons why a buyer might demand a property inspection, and it’s usually a good idea for those buying a house to get one done. An inspector will look at things like:

  • The roof
  • Electric systems
  • Plumbing
  • Overall structure

They then write a report for the buyers advising of any problems, and any issues likely to arise in future. At this point, issues such as a house needing roof repairs can make buyers wary of a purchase. They may want to drop the price, or they may withdraw completely, you just don’t know. This is especially problematic when you are in a chain and have found your dream home. To avoid slowing things down, it’s worth getting Permacoat around to check the roof before you sell. They can then advise whether repairs or replacements are necessary, so you can stay one step ahead.

Move-In Condition

Many buyers don’t like the thought of renovating a property, and they want it to be move-in ready. If you can offer this, you may find your home sells quicker, so consider having roof tiles repaired and any little jobs carried out before your home gets listed, as you may attract more interest.

Whether you have just started the process of selling your home, or have been trying to for a while, doing a few basic jobs can really help you get more offers. By sorting out things like the roof, you can make your property look cared for, and get the perfect buyer for your home.

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