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Ignore Roof Maintenance At Your Own Peril
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Ignore Roof Maintenance At Your Own Peril

We all dream of the day when we can own our home and yet are usually unprepared for just how expensive it is, despite the warnings from those with experience. But soon enough, we realise just how much the costs add up and consequently, we start looking for ways to save cash. However, you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to roof maintenance because the cost of roof repairs due to neglect almost always amount to much more.

It might not even be a matter of neglect; many new homeowners might be unaware of the risks associated with a lack of maintenance. The problems that can occur will be explained in a little more detail in this article, but they can include blocked drainage systems, mould and mildew growth, compromised structural integrity and, of course, expensive roof repair costs.

The easiest way to avoid the following problems is to give our friendly and professional staff a call who can handle all your roofing needs. At Permacoat, we pride ourselves on the quality of our roof repair professionals, and our 20 years of experience puts us in a knowledgeable position to deal with any issue efficiently and for a high-value price.

Prevent Health Issues

Ponding roofs can result in leakages and moisture within your home, and that can lead to mould and mildew growth which is a hazard to your health, especially if anybody within your household has an allergic reaction.

This is a problem that can be easily avoided if you have your roof inspected annually and after big downpours. There’s no company in a better position to take care of your roof than us. Plus, the cost of roof restoration is bound to be more than simply having it inspected on a periodic basis.

Avoid Flooding

Roof cleaning is important because it helps prevent your drainage system from becoming blocked. Blocked gutters can lead, in some cases, to sewage backup, not to mention the fact that flooding itself can cause a variety of damaging knock-on effects to your whole property.

We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Roof cleaning might not sound like it’s an important task — after all, you’re unlikely to spend any time on your roof. But for our professionals, it’s a simple task that we can deliver for a very reasonable price.

Save Yourself Some Cash

In the worst-case scenario, the structural integrity of your home can be compromised, and the roof repair costs are likely to soar when it comes to returning your home to its former condition.

Needless to say, all of these problems can and do occur if a roof isn’t maintained properly. That’s why it’s always better to let our professionals save you the headache from the offset. We’ve worked on over 25,000 roofs since our inception 20 years ago, and our services include — but are not limited to — roof tile repairs, roof painting, roof restoration and general maintenance. We are here to make sure your home retains its integrity for a highly competitive price.

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