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The Importance of Regular Roof Inspections

The roof is an integral part of any structure, as it protects the building and its contents from the elements. A roof comprises of two main components, namely the internal structure, which could be made from timber or steel, and on top of that would be the roof tiles. This outer skin is crucial and should it ever be compromised, the interior structure can suffer serious damage. One missing roof tiles could be the outset of major structural repairs, along with internal plaster problems and even mould.

Roof Inspections

Unfortunately, if you stand from any elevation and survey your roof, you will not be able to see everything, which means you need to walk around the building, stopping and looking for missing or broken roof tiles. Aside from wind and rain, tiles can easily be removed by falling branches, or debris that gets picked up in a storm and finally dropped on your roof. Whether a flat or gabled roof, you should slowly inspect the entire surface area, paying particular attention to the tiles, and any debris on the roof should be removed.


The gutter system might look decorative, but it has a very important role, which it to channel away excess rainwater. The design of the guttering should be such that even during heavy rainstorms, the excess water manages to drain away. Of course, and obstructions will immediately cause problems and water will begin to seep down the exterior walls, as it overflows the rim of the guttering. For this reason, you should inspect your roof and gutters after a storm, and providing you notice a problem early, it won’t cause any damage.


Due to the extreme weather Australia can produce, your roof has to be durable and well-sealed. At Permacoat, we have the ideal protection for any roof, and with great insulation properties, the interior will be a few degrees cooler in the summer. Sealing a roof protects and prolongs its life, and if any repairs need to be made, we can do that prior to the coating process. If you would like us to inspect your roof, contact us today and we will be happy to send someone round.

Preventative Measures

The problem with a leaking roof is you don’t know about it until the damage has been done. Excess water getting into the roof structure and flowing down the walls will cause a lot of damage, and regular visual inspections ensure this never happens. Cleaning out the guttering is essential, especially in the autumn, when falling leaves are likely to gather. Even a small obstruction should be removed, as this is often how a complete blockage begins, a few leaves will catch, and this forms the basis for other debris to attach itself. One sure way to check how your guttering is performing involves observation during heavy rain. Look for water seeping over the rim of the guttering, which is a sign of a blockage.

Regular roof inspections will ensure that your home is well protected and should anything require attention, call in a roofing expert as soon as you can.

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